Can Commercial Cleaning Systems Kill Coronavirus?

Fight the spread of Coronavirus with commercial cleaning systems

Can Commercial Cleaning Systems Kill Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a new viral threat that has already infected more than 78,000 people globally. The symptoms of this type of virus can be mistaken for a common cold, as it can cause runny nose, sneezing and coughing. However, what looks like a simple cold turns into a severe respiratory illness.

Currently, there’s no cure for the Coronavirus. The best way to prevent its spread in the United States and Denver is to be informed and employ specialized commercial cleaning systems that have the ability to eliminate viruses.

Commercial Cleaning Protocols for Coronavirus Outbreak in Denver, Colorado

Coronavirus is a type of enveloped virus. Because of the lipid membrane that covers them, these viruses are susceptible to alcohol-based virucidal disinfectants. 

Commercial cleaning systems such as JAN-PRO’s proprietary Enviroshield system can help prevent the spread of this type of virus, as its disinfectant has been proven effective against other, similar enveloped viruses.

The use of these commercial cleaning systems and cleaning services together with hygiene protocols, such as washing your hands thoroughly with soap, warm water and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, can help you and your family prevent an infection.

At JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting Colorado we are ready to help you prevent the spread of any virus, just contact your local cleaning agent or call us at (720) 477-6566  for more information.

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