Office Cleaning For The Flu Season: How Can It Help?

Fight the flue season with office cleaning plans by JAN-PRO Southeast Florida

Office Cleaning For The Flu Season: How Can It Help?

According to the CDC, the flu causes more than 17 million sick days in the US, costing companies about $7 million a year in productivity. Most sick employees still go to work, putting your Tampa office cleaning, the productivity of your business, and the health of your fellow employees at risk.

If your goal is to protect your workforce against the flu this winter, we suggest a closer look at your office cleaning and hygiene practices! In these cases, you can seek the help of commercial cleaning experts like JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Colorado who have a secret weapon on hand to fight any type of bacteria: EnviroShield®

EnviroShield® and Office Cleaning

All our janitorial cleaning services, including office cleaning, may involve the use of this innovative system that kills 99.99% of flu virus particles within minutes. This disinfectant is so effective that it’s commonly used by our commercial cleaners in hospitals and medical offices, meeting some of the strictest hygiene standards of any industry.

In this way, we make sure to improve your office cleaning and prevent the spread of any virus through faucets, doorknobs or handles, and even elevator buttons.

Want to know more about our commercial cleaning plans JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting in Colorado can offer to fight bacteria in your workspace? Call us at (720) 477-6566 today and get a FREE commercial cleaning estimate.

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